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“I play, therefore I am. If there is a moment where you really feel alive, it is when you are playing.” – Nietzsche

If we ask a child on building sandcastles on the beach, why does he do it?, most likely he will shrug his shoulders (as if confused by the question) and say “Just because”. His activity has no purpose, he is simply playing, he is having a good time.

Likewise, for Picasso, painting is not a job, but rather an activity that he does simply because he loves doing it, equivalent to the ” just because” of that child who builds sandcastles.

The common denominator for people who are successful in getting in shape is that they have managed to turn
their training programs into something that they really enjoy.

I assure you that when I am playing tennis, I am not thinking about the calories I am burning or about my
cholesterol levels. I’m only looking to have a great time running after the ball, competing, and improving my technique. If in the process I am burning calories and toning my legs, ok wonderful! but this is not the goal.

That is why the key to your physical salvation lies in finding your way to play because we all have different games we enjoy. Today there is a lot to choose from in the fitness gear; Pilates, yoga, spinning, etc. Choose your gear and set up a training program based on it. The best exercise to get in shape is the one you are going to enjoy the most and will want to keep doing.

We have to give more attention to the child inside us, and that is done by playing.

The Five Key Points:

  1. Pay full attention to your activity
  2. Immerse yourself in the activity, lose the notion of time
  3. When you are finished, reflect on how you enjoyed this
  4. An activity justifies itself when you do it simply “just because…”
  5. Once you’re all done with the activity, you will feel rejuvenated, energized, and stimulated