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What does a fit, healthy and happy workforce mean to your business? Better productivity levels? Lower absence rates? Better staff retention? Can your business thrive without it? Look after your people while looking after the bottom line. 
Our conferences are something that will stay with you and your workforce for the rest of their days. Fernando shares his boundless enthusiasm and experience to help you and your people get motivated to stay fit.

Fitness Nutrition and Mental Motivation. Feed your courage, not your fears.

Your simple, effective method to get in shape and achieve your most desired ‘you.

“If you hear Fernando talk, you go out doing sit-ups, yes! or yes! He is an Amazing communicator…”

Alicia Parro

Editor-In-Chief Of
Spain GLAMOUR Magazine

Conference Content

How to achieve your ideal weight

How your body burns fat

How to reach the magic point of health

The best exercises that really work

How to stay motivated

Your age and your body

Train your mind because mind and body are one

Fit Sartorius philosophy, turn exercise into a play

All of these are essential elements to create a lifestyle that is suited to today’s world

Fit Sartorius Conferences are a thing of real beauty. So many others spend their time preaching what to do and what not to do. Not Fernando! He shows you, using his enthusiasm and energy to get you motivated to make a change in your life. Rather than an experience where you sit on your backside and listen, Fernando gets you up and moving, thinking about why we exercise and what you can do differently.

Book your conference with Fernando today and start the path to a brighter future.


Discover the keys to get in shape, take the opportunity to attend a virtual conference by Fernando, mental motivation,fitness, nutrition and more, improve your life right now and sign up.

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We tailor made a fitness conference especially for your company and team. Remember a motivated, healthy and happy workforce means better productivity levels to your business. Schedule your conference now!

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