I am here to add value to your life, reveal your potential, help you align mind, body and spirit, through the power of repetition, turning exercise into play and training the most powerful muscle, your mind.

Develop the fun yet rigorous habits that change your life

The things we put our body through today shape it for tomorrow – the same goes for the mind. If you work the right things now, you become fitter and stronger – physically and mentally.



Find the hidden aspects that hold you back and prevent you from being your best self.



Stop thinking of exercise as a grind and transform it into a fun habit.



Educate your body and spirit together – as one united entity.

Wake up Beauty
It’s time to Beast

Your body is an incredible machine. It’s capable of just about anything. Now it’s time to convince your mind.

We take our fitness for granted, But as we get older, our natural fitness subsides

We exercise. The results aren’t what we expected. We feel down. We stop.
And that’s where a quality personal trainer comes in – someone who has been there, done it and helped many others to achieve it.
Fernando has 30 years of experience building his expertise and now he’s here to share it with you. So, what are you waiting for?