Santa Monica

Calm & Strong

Santa Monica has long held a reputation as a go-to wellness destination. With its mesmerizing ocean and close proximity to mountain trails, it provides the perfect backdrop to discover the power of the mind while building your fitness. Why haven’t you tried it yet?

The 4 Corner Stones

Fernando uses in his retreats the magic of the landscape and the contexts of nature to exercise the body and at the same time poetry and depth of literary texts to work the mind, that the set of these elements create pillars for develop a long-lasting and happy healthy fitness life.

The Way Of The Hero

Topanga Hike

Aligning mind, body and spirit

Will Rogers State Beach

The Roar Of Rebellion

Los Liones Trail

Coming Out of The Dark Forest of My Limitations

Temescal Canyon

Retreat Sanctuaries

Feeling calm and strong, we return to a sense of self and greater connection. Align the spaces between to become one with the landscape that surrounds us while building a fitness regimen that you can use in your daily life.

Luxe Retreats

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Premium Retreats

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Retreat Practise

Increasing your stamina, training your mind, nourishing your body and feeding your spirit is all part and parcel of what we have to offer. Build the habits that will last a lifetime with the expert guidance of Fernando. Our fitness retreats are designed to work your whole being.


Coming from the Sanskrit word for union, yoga has kept people fit and balanced for centuries. Relax and let the stress flood out of your body.

Holistic Therapy

We look at the entire person rather than the individual parts leaving you feeling whole again, putting your body in balance. Channel your energy, align the chakras and feel spiritually cleansed.


The way you feed your body has so many implications for your physical and mental health. California is perfectly positioned to give you all you need to energise your mind and body.

Fit Sartorius Philosophy

Beautifully crafted words have the power to captivate the mind…

From reflection to action! Work out with Fernando.

Start your day the perfect way with a tailored program designed to lift you and work out the essential parts of the body.

Use some classic literature to fuel a spiritual and mental awakening with excerpts from masterpieces that have stood the test of time: Dante’s Divine Comedy, Marcus Aurelius’s meditations, and Homer’s Iliad.

Hike in some of the most beautiful locations on the planet – Malibu, Santa Monica canyons, Topanga, Temescal and the Lions.

Enjoy breath-taking Malibu Mountain Bike rides that work your body in spectacular scenery.

Find spiritual awakening guided meditations, nourishing your spirit kriya yoga.

Daily Flow

A program expertly designed to guide your awakening.

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