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“Gain strength, gain confidence, gain cardio resistance. You cannot burn off hunger”

“My training program was never just a training program. It is a campaign, a revolution, a transformation, I was willing to find myself and in the process discovered my body and soul within.”- This is from George Sheehan, Cardiologist, philosopher, and running legend. This is one of the most inspiring quotes I chose to share with you my philosophy.

The first message I want to make clear is that you cannot burn off hunger. The first thing students tell me is “losing weight”. Conversations go like this: “I don’t understand what’s happened to me that I’ve gained weight, I am soft… What I want is to get rid of this: (they pinch a section of belly fat).

We are obsessed with losing losing losing. This is the normal reaction because it seems logical if you stop eating and you do exercise you’ll lose weight. But as I was saying, hunger does not help this process. Flabbiness and excess body fat isn’t the problem, rather the symptom of the main issue. The true problem is within, call it metabolism, or as I like to call it “fat-burning machinery”, that instead of producing energy from the food you consume, it stores it “unfavorable deposits” of fat.

To fix your “fat-burning machine” three things must be done: Cardio exercises, toning exercises, and having a balanced diet.

What we need is metabolic rehabilitation. Forget the word “lose”, because what you need is to gain confidence! Gain strength! Gain cardio resistance. When you strive to gain the good things, you lose the bad.