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The greatest moments of our lives, we live when we overcome our limits to achieve something difficult and worthwhile.

Aristotle concluded that the reason that motivates all action, is the hope to find joy within. It is the end to everything. To be happy!

What do experts have to say on this important subject. Professor Mihály Csíkszentmilhályi, author of FLOW, says he spent 20 years interviewing people of all kind: rich, poor, men, women, asking them what makes them happy. He arrived at the conclusion that contrary to what people believe are the most pleasurable experiences (watching TV, talking with friends at a café), the greatest moments are when your body and mind have reached their limits to achieve something worthwhile. This is why I emphasize the “difficult” and “worthwhile”. Running a 5 Kilometer race is difficult but worthwhile. Learning to do sit-ups is difficult but worthwhile. Being able to execute 15 to 20 push-ups in a row is difficult but worthwhile. Getting in shape is difficult and worthwhile.

Strive for what is challenging if you want to find happiness.