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Must we always eat healthy? Is it a bad habit to fulfill your cravings once in a while?

– No. there is nothing wrong with eating a feast or having a treat from time to time. But 80% of meals should be planned with nutrition in mind and not just for pleasure.

We all cheat sometimes because if we didn’t, it could become pretty boring. What happens is that when you exercise and are in shape the body metabolizes food as fuel in your system so when you are not active exercising your body stores it.

80% of the time it is advisable to keep up with your bodies needs, select food that pleases your palate but just make sure the food has enough nutritional content. A top scoring strategy is to eat less but more often.

One day I asked a client what she had eaten the day before. Her face happily lit up, she said “ A salad!” I then asked her, “Just a salad? She then responded, “Well, no… I had some cheese, and ham. Then I asked her, “Anything else? “ I proceeded to interrogate her like the detective trainer that I am. She then asserted, “Oh yes, I think it also had tuna and egg.” “Any seasoning?” She confessed, “It had pink sauce.” She went from innocent to guilty in just ten seconds. Dear readers, this is not a salad, this is a timebomb I do not mean to say that tuna or eggs are bad for you, on the contrary, they are extremely nutritious foods. However, when we consume too much at one time, no matter how healthy food is, the body will store what it does not use. Many times we select healthy dishes to eat, but then we add excessive ingredients with too many toppings and we spoil meals. For example, a healthy active woman who consumes 2,000 calories is better off dividing meals into four balanced intakes. Many times we eat too small a breakfast and tend to consume too many calories all at once for lunch and dinner.

Therefore, remember to eat healthy by pre-planning meals that have nutritional value rather than only eating for pleasure.